The word of God was strong in the 2018 Westbury Fellowship Meeting. From the music, the lessons, the food, and the people. It was great to see our friends once again! We want to thank Pastor Antoine Clairant, and the Westbury Assembly for hosting us and congratulate them on a job well done! Other people we would like to mention are Junior Exantus, who coordinated transportation for our group, and also Arthur Registre who was our tour guide the Friday before the meeting.

As the opening prayer commenced, the spirit of God filled the church.  After the music focused our minds towards God, we were ready to receive the Word. Discussed was Joseph (son of Jacob) and the experiences he endured before the promises of God were made evident in his life. Joseph was indeed a dreamer, but his dreams were not carnally generated. Joseph’s dreams were sent to him by God. Two points can be made from this; 1) it’s important for us to remember to never boast in the things God has promised to us; 2) God’s timing is not our own.

Joseph was 17 years old when his brothers sold him to Ishmaelites who were headed to Egypt. He was of age 30 when he was made overseer of Egypt. It took 13 years for the promises of God to be fulfilled in his life. During this 13 year period, Joseph maintained a positive work ethic, as evidenced by Potiphar’s decision to make him overseer of his house (Gen 39:4). Even after being falsely accused of rape by Potiphar’s wife and sent to prison, Joseph displayed a willingness to help people, in which he exercised his gift of interpreting dreams for both a butler and baker for Pharaoh.

Joseph’s decision to remain helfpul even in the depths of an Egyptian prison would later be proven worth it, as two years later, Pharaoh himself needed a dream interpreted. Joseph intepreted the dream and began to form a plan for the Egyptian government to follow over of the next 14 years. Pharaoh was impressed and established Joseph as overseer in Egypt (Gen 41:40).

Even in the depths of our sorrow and despair, it is vital that we maintain a godly demeanor and work ethic in all our ways, because what we see now is not what we saw in God’s promises. Had Joseph chosen not to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh’s servants, he could have remained in prison indefinitely. Remember this: Nothing can happen to us, unless God allows it. What Joseph’s brothers meant for evil, what Potiphar’s wife meant for evil, God meant for good (Gen 50:20).

Another point made during the meeting was that we are a part of a much larger movement of God in our world today. No matter our national origin, or the complexion of our skin, we are united as ONE FAMILY in God, pressing towards the high mark and striving to reach lost souls in this world. While there were natural differences on our outward appearances, the inward spirit we shared in Westbury was strong and united in Christ.

Remember that God’s focus isn’t just on us or any one person. God’s focus is also broad.

The story of Joseph is one that we can apply to our lives on a personal basis. It’s one that any believer can reference when trials come our way. But look at the broader picture. God protected the Hebrews at that time, through one person. He led the Hebrews out of famine and into the land of Egypt for a period of time sustaining them. The actions that we make in our personal lives can have an immense impact on the work of God far beyond what we can see.

Again, thank you Westbury for an awesome meeting! If you’re from the Westbury, NY area and are desiring a church family and a true relationship with Christ, we recommend you attend Gospel Assembly Church 811 Park Avenue, NY 11590 – and visit them online at voicethatscrying.com


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